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New Origin

Natural Real Vitamin C (30 day supply)

Natural Real Vitamin C (30 day supply)

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Start taking real vitamin C instead of "ascorbic acid", the common chemical used to made most vitamin C supplements.

New Origin Real Vitamin C is made with pure freeze-dried powders of camu camu berries and acerola cherries, which have been fair-traded and sustainably sourced from the Amazon river. 

By getting your daily vitamin C from pure fruits, you not only get vitamin C but also unique antioxidants that support your immunity, energy, skin, and more.

60 tablets per box

Why Choose New Origin Health Supplements? 

  • Fully absorbable nutrients, no fillers or chemical ingredients
  • Sourced from sustainably harvested and ethically traded whole food ingredients 
  • Made in Korea under stricter health and product regulations than USA’s FDA
  • Trusted by thousands of customers all over the USA

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